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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sharing Wisdom to the world. Mrs. Awosika speaks !!!

Every month Team Vertopia celebrates one woman who has inspired us in countless ways, as we round up the month of May and being a significant day for our nation we choose to celebrate...

Our Super Dad !!!

In celebration of Father's day in the month of June, Team Vertopia will be celebrating one super dad. Here is our super dad post: A father, a rare gem and a blessing to all. My father,...

She is focused on Improving Education

Raquel Jacobs, founded Beyond the Classroom Foundation, an NGO focused on improving education for the less privileged pupils in Public Primary Schools. Since then, she has been working directly with children and youths in...

She’s been unstoppable since she discovered herself

On our February and March Joint and Comprehensive Edition (You didn’t think we would let February off so easily na) of #superwomancorner of Priceless Magazine this lovely season of Love presents us with a...

Tinuke is impacting Lives

On our January edition of #superwoman corner of Priceless Magazine, we would like you to meet Omotayo Atinuke Junaid. An interesting 23-year-old Lady, making impact as the Founder of Safe and Smart Foundation (an...


Hello Everyone !!!

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