If You’re Not In A Relationship, This Is A Clue To Help You Deal With Tempting Sexual Situation

Always be quick to talk about God when you’re around people or someone whom you know you  have a chance of making out with if you’re not careful. It’s a simple trick single people don’t understand. Just find a way to bring God into the conversation and spoil every hope they might have of laying you. It works every time.

Back when i was still single someone shared this secret with me, and i used it to the fullest. What i do is, if i am with a lady i know there’s a slight chance of messing up, i just begin to bring Jesus into our conversation, whether it makes any sense or relate to what we are discussing it didn’t concern me, i just start talking about random spiritual things. The idea is to make things extremely difficult for anything to happen. I don’t know if anyone is getting this, it’s like building blocks in between you two to keep you in a safe zone, and you know how people are not always interested in talking about anything that concerns God, so when you start acting all spiritual it scares them off.

There was a time when i did this with a lady i was very close to, then i was still learning to walk with God, i knew within me that hmmmm, if i don’t kill this thing, it will cast. So all of sudden i just started doing Jesus Jesus around her, and she got so uncomfortable with the Jesus attitude. So she stopped visiting, slowly stopped calling or taking my calls, and even when i ping she doesn’t reply. A month later i ran into her somewhere and we got talking, when I asked her why she has been keeping away from me she said “Allison i don’t understand you again, all of a sudden you started doing spiritual spiritual” , i said “eyaaa, it’s not like that dear” …. But in my mind i was excited because i knew what i did…

This trick is awesome for single ladies who want to live right. When a brother starts getting close to you and you know you don’t trust yourself enough to hold back, talk about God with him, annoy him with some random Jesus talk,  hehehe, the idea is to give him the impression that you’re not gonna be easy, i wish you knew how much Jesus talk scare the wrong folks away. They just be like “uhmmm, this one is church church o, it will be difficult to get through jare,  no need to disturb myself” and in no time they’ll just start withdrawing from you little by each, because they are not comfortable with that kind of Jesus conversation you’re always bringing. In their mind you’re a spirikoko girl, but they don’t know that you’re just putting up that spiritual face to protect yourself and push them off.

My dear if you take Jesus with you wherever you go, the wrong people will leave as soon as you walk into the room. Did somebody catch this?

#ConfessionsOfAGoodMan -Mr. Abhyacintho