Woman Looking Up ca. 2000 Probably USA

When he sees that you’re now with someone who God has sent to help you live your purpose he will just raise up one old crush from 1995 to come to your inbox and be doing hi, hey, whatz up, xup, hello,  ping, pang, pop, pap, papa, Alli, yellooo, mimi, indomie, just to distract you. And some people who don’t know the devil’s signature will just fall for it and leave the sweet relationship that was meant to shine the light on their path, just because of one ‘old faithful’.

All this his outdated gimmicks, Mtcheeeww, we know all of them…

Listen, when some old crush from your past suddenly starts showing one yeye interest in you, be very careful, especially if you’ve moved on from them with someone else. One of the devil’s useless tricks is to raise up people from our past to come and distract us, because he knows that somehow we still have a soft spot for them. How do we know if it’s the devil? It’s simple, such old faithfuls always come back very easy, am telling you, the way they come running into your life you’ll think their village people gave them transport fare, someone who was doing shakara before will suddenly start calling, texting and initiating a visit, you’ll be asking yourself where they have been hiding all this feelings that time you were toasting them, the devil is a bastard, most times these peeps don’t even know that they are being used.

Just be careful guys, even if you have moved on and you’re not in a relationship yet, be careful with an old faithful, before your head starts spinning for them look at your life first, is anything great happening to you? Are you living your dreams and fulfilling purpose? Are you almost at the peak of your pursuit? Most times the devil does not just plant old faithfuls to distract us from a good relationship, they are also planted to distract us from fulfilling purpose, keep us stagnant, or drag us back to square one.

Dear Jesus, you know we cannot do this on our own, some of these old faithfuls come back packaged with enticing offers too difficult to resist, some come with sweet promises of marriage in December, because they know that is something we desire the most. Some come back offering us free sex, because they know how much our flesh yearn for it. Help us sweet Jesus, it is on you we lean. Oh Rheemadede redosshhh esclasia!!!


-Mr. Abhyacintho