If you’re probably wondering why all the good, Godly Christian guys you admire in church have failed to step it up and make the move towards pursuing you, then these are five reasons why they might be holding back.

He doesn’t know you’re interested

Although we are Godly virtuous men, we are still 100% human, and at such our Christian ladies always expect that we should know what is on their mind, like we are one super-hero ‘mind reader’ or something. But NO! I’ve heard from numerous young men who would love to take the next step from friendship to a relationship but they feel like they are getting absolutely no “vibe” of interest from the Christian ladies they are interested in… so please, help us make the vision clearer by showing a little interest. Don’t be afraid to say hello, start up a conversation, send a ping, or make some plans to hangout. It doesn’t bite!

He’s just not into you

I always remind my single friends that at the end of the day, you want to be with someone who is just as crazy about you as you are about them, right? So if you went ahead and showed a little interest, and still, nothing, then it’s time to consider the possibility that maybe he’s just not into you.

He’s afraid

Believe me, some of these eligible guys are just as insecure and unsure as you are. Afraid of rejection, and of failure. Do you know what it means to keep a relationship with someone your pastor and parents know about? (which is the right kind of relationship we should keep anyways), everyone expects it to lead to marriage, and most times when things aren’t going well in the relationship it is hard to let it go, because of the disappointment it will bring to your pastor and your parents who have being positive about it. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to go ahead and make a move, and some of our Christian men aren’t there yet.

He’s working through his own issues

Many of the Christian guys I’ve spoken to explained that their failure of pursuing a lady is not because they are disinterested, but because of the fact that they are still getting their “stuff” together. You know what I mean; “setting up his life”… figuring out his career, finding a good job, moving out of his parent’s roof, dealing with past hurts, and getting their personal relationship right with God. I applaud those men, because at the end of the day a healthy relationship begins with two people who have done some good solid work on themselves.

 He doesn’t think the timing is right

Sometimes timing can be a matter of perspectives. You both can take a long time developing friendship, and still be wondering when it will be the right time to take the next step and start dating. And most times, the lady might be ready, but the gentleman might not be… for two people, his idea of the right time, and your idea of the right time can be totally different.

Above all, God is the master matchmaker, play your part, and totally entrust the rest to him, He’ll fix it, in exactly the way that he sees best. #ConfessionsOfAGoodMan

-Mr. Abhyacintho

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